Detail 21

Detail 21

Speaking of minor details that have a big impact on your home...................., how about talking about the roof.  Let's face it the roof of your house is one of its most significant parts.  Of course there's the architectural lines of the house, the windows, the house's balance and symmetry, all of those are very important but sitting up on top of everything is your roof.  I'm thinking that's fairly significant.

Like everything else there are many options and choices:

  1. Asphalt shingles - this is the most popular an common type of roof today.  It is made from individual asphalt shingles that are nailed to the roof in an overlapping fashion so that the water is shed off the house.  As with everything else there are several types of asphalt roofs:
    1. Architectural style shingles, that are manufactured in such a way as to replicate a true slate roof and these come in many colors
    2. Three-Tab shingles are less expensive, have a shorter life, and are not used much in contemporary roofing
  2. Metal Roof - today's photograph shows a lovely metal roof.  Ok, so maybe it isn't exactly lovely but it is a cool picture.  Metal roofs are often used in areas of high snow fall because homeowners think the snow will slide off the roof and things will be much safer.  Well that might be true in older homes but your new home from Vermont Modular will have a roof strong enough to carry the weight of the snow.  Several times we have written about the necessary strength of a roof to carry the weight of snow.  The GOOD reason for installing a metal roof is because you just love the look.
  3. Artificial Slates - there are numerous examples of individual slates that are manufactured from recycled materials.  These obviously duplicate the look and long lasting beauty of a slate roof.
  4. Slate - then there is the true slates on a roof.  Back when this was the common type of roof and in areas south of Rutland there were thousands of Welsh miners that worked creating individual slates.  In sections of Vermont near Poultney there are huge mines most of which are no longer operating.  Vermont and Welsh immigrants were a huge source of slates for over 100 years.

In addition to choosing the type of roofing material you need to think of the roof's pitch which is typically given in numbers such as a 7/12 pitch roof.  It seems as though everyone gets confused about what these numbers mean.  A 7/12 pitch roof works this way; for every 12" on a horizontal plane the roof goes up 7" on a diagonal plane creating a slope or pitch.  The normal Cape Cod style home has a 12/12 pitch roof that is very steep and high creating the second floor.  Many ranch homes have 5/12 or 6/12 pitch roofs.  

There is no particular advantage of one pitch over another.  Remember the whole concept of sliding snow is silly because your new roof is going to be strong enough.  The roof's pitch creates an architectural look and that look needs to be something you like.

Enjoy designing your new home.  Again, have fun!

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