Details 13

Details 13

It's Friday, the sun is shining, and we are looking at a beautiful holiday weekend.  

As you gather with family and friends it is likely that talk will turn to a discussion of your new home; for those of you planning on building this year.  So, I thought it might be nice to chat again about our Premium Package that we are including in all of our new homes.  I hope you will recall that we are now upgrading to include:

  1. Crown Molding - throughout your new home we will install Crown Molding which is where the wall meets the ceiling, there is a decorative piece of molding.  Crown molding serves no purpose other than to add to the beauty of your home.  Crown molding is typical in Up-Scale Homes just like yours.
  2. Chair rail - all around the dining room we will install trim work that again serves little or no purpose other than to look beautiful.
  3. Solid Core interior doors - virtually every new home today has the same six-panel hollow core colonial doors.  Nope, not at Vermont Modular!  We will be installing only solid core doors that add that sense of quality and craftsmanship to your new home.  You are going to love this one!
  4. Sound Proofing - all of your interior walls are going to be filled with sound proofing insulation.  This may not seem like a big deal but wait until you hear how much quieter your home will be.  This is going to increase the privacy within the home, add to its overall level of quality, and create a feel of superior quality.

Your new home is going to be nicely dressed up to look, feel, and act in a completely Up-Scale manner.  Let's face it, you deserve the best and that's what you get from Vermont Modular.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, enjoy your family and friends, and remember those that made our freedoms possible.  This weekend is not hot dog holiday.  This weekend is Memorial Day when we as individuals and as a nation remember those that have sacrificed for us.

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