Details 14

Details 14

For those of you that follow what's going on at Vermont Modular you know it seems as though we are always talking about Energy and how to consume LESS Energy.  And then for the past couple weeks we have been talking about the "small" details that can make such a difference in your new home.

Well, today I'm going to talk with you about Kitchen Appliances and in particular the range or stove - to be more precise let's talk about a Cook Top.  Over the weekend I was finally exposed to Induction Cooking.  How about a brief and superficial explanation of what Induction Cooking actually is.  An Induction Cook Top creates heat inside an object, in our case a cooking pan or pot.  So, an Induction Cook Top does not get hot it simply heats up the pan which in turn cooks food; all this "magically" happens with the use of magnetic fields.  You can checkout the actual science behind it all but for us it is suffice to say a pan sits on the cook top and it gets hot while the cook to does not.  It is actually possible to put a piece of paper between the pan and the cook top.

The clear advantage is that you can cook faster, with far more consistent heat, using precise control, and at the same time using far less energy.  A gas stove is roughly 35% efficient where as an Induction Cook Top is roughly 85% efficient.  Similar numbers apply to the standard resistance electric stove.

For those of you that love gas stoves the Induction Cook Top has virtually instant changes in temperature very similar to a gas stove. 

For those of you that love electric stoves, an Induction Cook Top looks virtually identical yet has the advantages of gas.

Induction cooking is extremely precise.  The controls are exact and everything responds instantly with the cook top changing either up or down depending on how you set the controls.  It really is amazing and looses everything in the telling, this story can not convey how very exciting and cool it is.  I was thrilled to say the least!

Induction cooking is absolutely not a new technology; it has been universally used throughout Europe for decades and is only recently coming into popularity in the US.  For those of you that are concerned with Energy Consumption this is truly the way to go.

The one draw back is that all your pans need to be made of ferrous metals, either Stainless Steel or Iron because it all works off of magnetic fields.  For those of you that are not wanting to get new pots and pans - I suggest you simply look at it as a great shopping experience and that all your new cookware will be brand new and very exciting.  It could be the same as having Santa visit you this summer.

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