Empty nest

Empty Nest

All of us have done the very same thing all our lives.  From the very beginning, a.k.a. our birth, we have continuously grown older and now after a bunch of years millions of Americans are on the verge of retiring or planning for retirement.  For millions of us the "Nest will be Empty."  Many of us now live in homes that are significantly too large, too old, too out-dated, too inappropriate, too poorly insulated, and so one.  That leaves us considering moving to a new home.  Over the next several weeks I will be talking with my contemporaries about things all of us might want to consider in our next home.  Probably the most significant revolves around the "all on one level" concept of living to avoid steps and staircases.  Wouldn't it be fantastic if the master suite is on the same floor as everything else!  By the way, that includes porches, the garage, and laundry.  For the moment all of us work nicely with stairs, we go up and down just fine but, how about in ten years?

Building your new home where everything on one floor is just the first step, creating that home where you will comfortably live is where we can help, Call us and let's begin the process.

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