Empty Nest 13

Empty Nest 13

Just the other day I mentioned how I had found online a set of small LED night lights.  I knew everyone was anxiously awaiting their arrival.  Well the UPS guy arrived this afternoon with a package for me.  Of course I initially thought it was a box of cash but when that fantasy vanished the box got opened and there to my surprise (not really) was my four LED lights.  Remember the other day I mentioned these?

Each one of these little beauties consumes 0.3 watts of electricity.  So, the obvious thing was to go to the Green Mountain Power web site and do the math.  GMP has a whole page set aside so you can figure out how much energy is consumed and its cost.  We wanted to know how much this going to cost.  Blaine, went around and around doing his calculations and now we can say that if one night light were to lit for 24 hours each and every day it would cost the staggering sum of 37¢ for an entire month.  Of course the light won't shine day and night so that whopping cost is going to go down, probably into the twenty cents a month category.  

So if we were to try and calculate the value of these lights we need to factor in the following:

  • if we were to fall and get hurt as we wander around in house in the dark trying to find the refrigerator..................
  • if we fell, it is probably going to necessitate the ambulance
  • depending on where we live the trip to the hospital will cost somewhere between a lot and a staggering amount.  Either way it's not good
  • enter the Emergency Room, yes, you are now having a financial heart attack
  • no this is not fun
  • as we wait for the doctor to examine us we try to comprehend, "...what possessed me to wander around in the dark?"  That's easy, a glass of milk!
  • out comes the "Was It Worth It" scale.  Oh please............., all this for milk?  

Perhaps I digress just a tad to make a point. 

I went online to a fairly famous web site (starts with an "A") and found four LED soft night lights for less than ten bucks with free shipping.  What was I thinking?  I could have had a night in the hospital.

Don't forget that the estimated life span is TEN YEARS.  So, write my phone number down, (802) 985-5855, and be sure to call on April 14, 2025 to see if everything is still working.  I anticipate the cost of electricity to go up so the monthly cost of the LED night light is probably upwards of 35 to 40 cents each month.  The plan is that I'll be able to afford that; if not I'll simply forward the bill on to Blaine for payment.

When you have a minute, go online and order yourself some LED night lights, install them in your home and be safe.  None of us want to fall and get a boo boo.

One last thought; get rid of the throw rugs!


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