Empty Nest 14

Empty Nest 14

Today I'd like to emphasize the importance of proper outside lighting. Many times we will get home after dark or company will arrive after dark and honestly that can be a dangerous time for folks to be walking up and down front steps, walks, or for that matter just about anywhere that doesn't have proper lighting.  

We have talked about getting rid of the throw rugs inside the house because it is so easy to catch a toe on one of the small rugs and fall down.  So, if we should get rid of throw rugs think how dangerous the front walk can be in the dark.  Many people choose to leave their front porch light on until very late or even all night long just so no one can slip and fall.

There are numerous places where you should consider outside lighting:

  • Front porch, this welcomes everyone to your home and is typically very attractive and inviting.
  • Walk-way lighting. as you walk up the front walk to the house; is there enough light so that everything is safe?
  • Drive way, as the car comes in the driveway are there lights.  Many people like "spot-lights" that illuminate the driveway 
  • Back door, don't forget the back door, often people will knock on the "wrong" door - we don't want them falling.

There are MANY types of bulbs and light fixtures you can use.

  1. Dusk-to-dawn lights are nice and look great at the front door.
  2. Spot lights are great for the driveway and can easily be hooked to a "motion sensor."  This way people or the car automatically turns the light on
  3. Or you can simply use the switch.

Don't forget that with all these lighting options there are just as many options for the light bulbs:

  • Incandescent lights, this is the "old-time" NOT-energy efficient bulbs
  • Compact florescent ( CFL ), these work great but honestly are not that in for the bitter cold, they can take several minutes getting to their full power
  • LED's are rapidly becoming the most popular because they are so energy efficient and Instant On.
  • Increasingly there are smaller lights that have Solar Powered capabilities and use zero energy - very cool.  

In lighting just as in heating, Vermont Modular highly recommends that you choose the most energy efficient source of lighting.

As always, enjoy your day and night.  Be safe!

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