Empty Nest 15

Empty Nest 15

For a while now we have been talking about safety throughout the house.  We've talked about grab bars, throw rugs, soft light, wide doors, lever handles, and big hallways; all designed to keep us safe.  Honestly most of those are ideas that look at falling down.

Today let's consider another aspect of safety - fire.  With some careful thought and detailed planning America's Boomers can significantly reduce the chance of a fire with good planning.

The number one source of fire in any home is the kitchen where silly as it sounds people leave cooking food with an open flame unattended.  Think about it; the stove is typically a greasy place that often is truly grimy.  Every time we cook bacon or anything that spatters the grease starts to build up.  Do you see a potential problem developing?

Another really dangerous place in the home is the clothes dryer.  This is a danger that almost no one thinks about.  The dryer is a place of significant heat and inside the machine it collects lint and small particles that some how just want to catch on fire.  Again, this is simple to think about.  The dryer heats everything up and dries it out.  The dryer collects lint and hair, both of which will easily burn.  The solution is simple, clean out the lint trap every time you use the dryer, keep your dryer clean!  Ok, we all know we are not going to sit in the laundry and watch the dryer; that's about as exciting as watching the paint dry.  But, don't run the dryer late at night when people are sleeping.

Many house fires, most of the deadly ones, occur when people are sleeping.  For us to Willy Nelly wander through our daily lives without planning and forethought is foolhardy.  

This blog post has three easy things to do:

  • Kitchen fires, keep an eye out, watch, and clean your stove.
  • Clothes dryer - clean it and don't run at night
  • Night time activities need special attention 

So far we haven't spent a dime yet this advice could easily save a life.  We have all worked too hard for too many years to foolishly throw everything away because of careless planning.

Be safe, plan well, enjoy life, and be happy.

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