Empty Nest 16

Empty Nest 16

For a couple weeks now I've been writing about all sorts of safety items for our homes.  Today I am going to share with you exactly those ideas that I have personally changed in my home and in my life; these changes were made to make my home more safe:

  1. I got rid of the throw rugs but only after one evening I almost fell on my keister after catching a toe on a throw rug.
  2. I bought and installed night lights that illuminate the house throughout the night.  I picked these LED lights up online, they use only 0.3 watts of electricity and are such a soft light it is great.  How did I manage without them?
  3. The design for my new home to be built this summer has only 36" wide doors; this way it will be so much easier to move things around.  In the new house plan there are a lot of other ideas that as time goes along I'll share with you.
  4. I've changed the front porch light and now it has an LED bulb and the front porch light stays on from dusk to dawn; it's one of the automatic lights that turns itself off and on.  This is great for when I get home after dark.  Oh, this front porch light is an LED and uses a whopping 4 watts.
  5. And lastly some of the door knobs have been changed to Levers and they are so much easier to work with.  When my hands are full of stuff like groceries, I can still easily open the door.

Now let me share with you those things that I have NOT DONE but truly wish I had:

  • Well......., do you remember me mentioning that when you have things on the stove don't leave them unattended?  So, last night I did just that and got completely side-tracked.  I was brought back to reality very quickly when the smoke alarm went off.  It seems as though I boiled everything dry and it burned - so much for those vegetables.  It turned out to be a nuisance but could easily have been serious.
  • Yes, I got rid of the throw rugs but forgot the bath mat.  I'll spare you the details but suffice to say it's now in the trash.

What have you done?  What have you NOT DONE?  Serious, send me an email so that I can compile a brief list of what everyone is doing.  I think there might be some value if us Empty Nesters shared our thoughts.  So, send me an email at build@VTmodular.com and I will put together a summary list of our events.

Also, include if you would what are some things you plan on doing in the future.

Enjoy your day, have a great weekend, and be safe.

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