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Empty Nest - 2

Continuing with our "Empty Nest" theme - yesterday we talked about building your new home all on one level.  Basically this concept is geared towards "Baby Boomers" that are on the verge of retirement and would rather not go up and down stairs.

If the "Devil is in the Details" then let's take a look at some details that can easily help you enjoy that "Empty Nest" home.  Have you ever thought about how much of a pain-in-the-neck door knobs are?  Wait until you live in a home that has only lever action doors.  A lever is so much easier to work with; a simple nudge with your elbow or a bump with your hip and poof the door is open; how easy was that!  This may seem trivial but honestly it is not a silly detail.  All the door “knobs” will be gone and replaced with levers; a small but significant improvement.

How about "pull out shelves" in your kitchen cabinets?  How many times have you lost something way back there on the rear of the shelf?  It is disturbing when that something towards the rear of the shelf has an expiration date of 2009.  As we inch closer to retirement it is increasingly difficult to reach the back of those shelves.  So how about if the shelf pulled out to you?  Again, wait until you live with a kitchen that has pull-out-shelves.  

Vermont Modular has a lot of experience dealing with "Empty Nester" homes.  Let us help you.


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