Empty Next 6

Empty Nest 6

This suggestion is for Empty Nesters thinking of building their new home, however it also applies to virtually every new home.  One of the most common places where everything seems to get crowded is in the hallway.  When you are moving furniture or simply moving around inside your home we all travel through halls and in many older homes those halls are narrow.  That narrow hallway can easily be a source of trouble!  What happens to folks that want to move around their home comfortably?  The wider the hallway the easier it is to navigate.  All it takes is a moment to plan ahead and think.  At Vermont Modular we are experienced and we know how to help you avoid common mistakes.  Typically a hall is 38" or 40" wide.  Just imagine how much nicer a 48" wide hall way would be!  It really does make all the difference. Can we help you design your new home?

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