Energy 06

Energy 06

For a couple days we have been dealing with insulation and the building's wall that protects your from the howling winds and bitter cold.  Today let's take another look at how we plan to keep the inside of the house warm and cozy.

Take a look at today's photograph.  This picture is of a home from Vermont Modular that will be delivered to Vermont this Wednesday.  Take a close look at the left side of the module and you will see a "thing" all enclosed in a wooden box that is there just for shipment.  The exciting part if what is inside that box.

From our Pennsylvania plant is a 100% fully installed Fujitsu Cold Climate Heat Pump.  The part that is inside the box of today's photograph is the compressor that remains outside where it creates both heating and air conditioning both from the same unit.  Did you know that Fujitsu Heat Pumps have been singled out as the most efficient heat pumps.  Only the best at Vermont Modular! 

We are thrilled to know that when this house arrives both its central heating and central air conditioning are fully installed.  Seriously, there is absolutely nothing left to do onsite other that to energize the power to the home.  Once the electrical connection is completed between The Home and The Pole, the heat and air conditioning are ready to go; all they need to do is flip the switch.

The concept behind this is virtually identical to having air conditioning installed in your new car when it is being built rather than later as an after thought.  Let's face it, we all know having the heating and air conditioning fully installed while the house is being built will end up with a far neater job and a far less expensive job.

All of the retrofitting that would be necessary to add a Heat Pump after delivery is eliminated.  Everything has been done at the same time the house was being built.  Not partially installed but 100% complete.

So, if we are going to build you a super insulated and highly energy efficient wall system that uses only the very best insulation  and very best windows doesn't it make sense to have The Most Energy Efficient heating and air conditioning!


  • Exterior walls - R-Value of R-40±
  • Triple Pane Windows - U-Value of U-0.19
  • The best Cold Climate Heat Pump for heating and air conditioning.

Call us, we would love to talk with you about how to build your energy efficient home.

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