Boy running on beach happy his parents got a modular home from Vermont Modular Homes

Friday afternoon run

Imagine, running along the beach near the old fishing peer; not a care in the world.  

Wild and free this boy may be, but don't be quick to forget why he is able to be that way.  Through parenting, education, and a quality home to live in; why would he be unhappy?  The day is not dissimilar to right now, the time is just about right.  For all I know, you are on the beach right now watching your children run around in the sand.  That is truly a wonderful thing to have in your life.

Are you sure they are living in adequate housing?  Per the U.S. Census, there were 257,004 households that they were aware of in Vermont alone.  What are the chances that every one of those 257 thousand households was in a home less than 20 years old?  What are the chances that you live in one of these homes?  

The cost of building is only going up, which means the time to act is now.

Are you ready to enjoy the beaches knowing the home you're in is the home you built?  It's a lot easier than you think. Enjoy the beach, have a great weekend!

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