Full Disclosure | Modulars?

Full Disclosure | Modulars?

For the purpose of full disclosure, because that is the purpose of the value series, right?  

Great, glad I got your attention!  Remember, we already discussed major cost concerns, the misnomer of "you get what you pay for", and an extensive series on Homeowners Insurance, which all are a part of the value series posts.

Did you know that a modular home owner overwhelmingly owns the land which they build on?  That's right, because as we discussed in the past, a modular home is not a doublewide or a "prefab" home.  It's also not the traditional stigma thought of a "Manufactured Home".  This usually means you will own the land where you build, unless you are fortunate to have the land gifted to you from family, friends, or other means.  So throw confetti now, because you have land!

With a modular, you must (usually) have a full basement, not just a slab (remember, not a doublewide or prefab).  And for those who say "I can't have a full basement, because there's rocks or boulders in the way", Vermont Modular has been creative in the past with some unique basement / crawl space hybrids which make you wonder why anyone wouldn't want a full basement?  If it's absolutely cost prohibitive, that's fine, a modular home can be set on a crawl space foundation instead to save money.  Honestly though, the trivial money you save on the crawl space versus a full basement is just foolish savings.  Vermont Modular has done very few homes with the crawl space layout, it's apparent that our clients feel the same way.

Modular homes are often more affordable, but dollars to dollars, they are about the same as a traditional stick build.  Think about it, they are built in a factory using the same materials, and build in the same manner.  Why would they cost more? Their shorter build time will save you money on the overall construction, which is a real savings. Home inspections are not needed as these are completed in the factory prior to being delivered to your land to be placed on the foundation.

Modular homes are way more energy efficient, so it's only logical to conclude monthly expenses will be considerably under what you'd expect.

Cold Climate Heat Pump

Modular homes are environmentally friendly.  Yes, I said it, and don't jump on me saying it's a Green Home, I didn't say that.  I also didn't say you can't have a Green Modular Home, and honestly, it's just a matter of cost.  Most find true "green homes" to be cost prohibitive, but a highly efficient modular homes are the logical conclusion.  The high efficiency of modular homes allows for an environmentally friendly, energy-centric themed home.  Special technology allows for the home to breath, because it is so energy efficient.  You can get Central Heat and Air Conditioning at record low energy usage, using the Cold Climate Heat Pump (CCHP).  The CCHP is the most environmentally sound way to heat your new home, and has the added benefit of central air conditioning.  

Another misnomer of modulars is they only come in a few styles, and that's it.  Yes, we advertise Cape, Ranch, Two Story, and Vacation style homes; but truth be told, if we were to show you every style available to you, it would bore you and most everyone else in the process.  (On a personal note, I'd lose my mind entering all the data onto the website!)  If there is a house out there, and you want the same style house, you can have it.  That's the beauty of modular.  Many modular home companies are switching now to hybrid technology which allows them to build a modular home, but add non-traditional building style at the same time.  Want a lighthouse attached to your small cape?  Yes, we can build that for you.  Isn't it great?

There are a great variety of homes from which to choose, and remember that's just to give you an idea.  You may choose a style you like, but nothing is constraining you to just that style.  Make it yours!  This is after all your home.  There are architects that specialize in designing modular homes, and in the past, we have seen people use their own architect to design their home.  This is absolutely fine, and encouraged if you have a vision you really want.  If you don't have or can't afford an architect, it's honestly not a problem either, as we have in house drawing services and engineering drawings.  Vermont Modular has you covered from beginning to end.

One quickie question I want to wrap up with.  Often Vermont Modular gets asked about expansion options.  Specifically, if you can either a) expand a modular after it's built, or b) if you can use modular building technology to add on to an existing non-modular; the answer to both is yes, we can, have, and do.

Contact Us today and either of us would be glad to answer your questions.  Hope this helps clear up any confusion on modular homes.

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