Gas smell

Lately we have been talking a lot about Cold Climate Heat Pumps but most homes in Vermont are currently using GAS as the primary source of heat.  Depending where you live in Vermont you are probably using either Natural Gas or Propane Gas as the fuel for your boiler or furnace.  Did you know that both types of gas are odorless?  So it is required that gas providers add mercaptan to the gas so you can smell it in case there is a leak.  Mercaptan has a distinctive, disagreeable, odor that is often described as a putrid smell.  This is done on purpose so that if you have a gas leak you will know.  If you smell mercaptan, very similar to rotten eggs you should act quickly!  Put out all cigarettes, candles, or anything with a flame.  Do not turn on any lights or electrical appliances.  Call for help immediately.  Natural gas is lighter and will rise whereas propane is heaver and will sink.

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