Good Afternoon

It's been a very nice summer, and we have been extremely busy as might be apparent by the lack of blog posts.  I wanted to apologize and promise that the connection we strive to make will continue.  Our commitment to you remains, and in the coming months you will see a slow evolution into a "New Vermont Modular Homes".

What does this mean for our clients?  Essentially, nothing will change or impact our existing clients.  

New clients will see an impact on both how we reach you, and reasons for contacting you.  I'm sure most have not read the privacy policy, as it's usually dull and dry.  The quick and easy is simple:  We never sell your information, we never disclose personally identifiable information, and we acquire data required to provide better service to you.  

Our Ethics are the same as always.  Greed has no place in business.

That's my Monday for you; I hope you enjoyed yours as well.  

As always, Welcome to Vermont Modular Homes.

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