Ground Breaking: Value beyond the surface

Ground Breaking: Value beyond the surface

Continuing the value series, I wanted to touch base on a project that we currently have going.  A couple days ago, we broke ground (video) on the site.  Yesterday, the foundation (video) was starting to come along.

The reason I am choosing to highlight this project is because of the value that most may not see.  Yes, it's another house being built, and I could sit here and tell you how wonderful that is (it really is), but that's really not the point.  The point is the value of this house.  The home owner lost her house in a tragic fire, completely destroying the home.  We worked closely with the home owner, designing the drawings and layout of her home to fit on the same footprint that the previous home had.  What was the value you may ask?

We never met her until we went to break ground on May 7th.  Through careful descriptions, as well as detailed emails and drawings, we were able to design and build her house without ever having her step foot in the office.  She was down in Florida walking on the beaches, enjoying life and all it has to offer, and we were making her dreams come true.  Please understand, this is not typically what we do - we very much prefer to work in person with you, but the options are there to allow you to still have a life.  She was not anchored down by this house, nor the tragic loss of her previous home, because we absolutely refused to let that happen.

So many see another house, and honestly think nothing of it.  She sees this house, which is a fulfillment of a dream, and without so much as leaving the beach was able to have this house planned, designed, and break ground on her new home.  Honestly, nobody can truly appreciate that as much as the home owner who is going through an already rough time; but I'd like to say we sympathize and try to accommodate to the best of our ability.  If that means you are walking on a beach in Florida while we make the project work for you, then that's what will happen.

I'd qualify that as value beyond the surface.

I personally hope the home owner will be happy in her new home, and so far, this process has been an amazing journey full of happiness and positive movement.  To quote the home owner "This entire process has been like a vacation to me, and everything has just gone right.  It really is wonderful."

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