Heat Pump Fails

Yes, our Cold Climate Heat Pumps (CCHP) have failed again.  In the midst of today's cold weather those Vermont Modular Homes with a CCHP providing the heat have failed to have a significant impact on the home's energy bill.  The heat pump continues to work successfully and at an insanely affordable rate.  Did you know that a CCHP will heat your new home for  LESS than virtually any other heat source?  Throughout the winter including these brutal cold snaps the CCHP will heat your new home for far less!  Yesterday we told you about Heat Pump clothes dryers that drastically reduce your energy consumption to dry clothes.  Are you seeing a picture here?  Heat Pumps are rapidly becoming common place.  Do you think we should include the Heat Pump Dryer as part of our standard specifications?

Tomorrow we are going to introduce you to an incredibly energy efficient way to prepare dinner.  Isn't technology great!

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