Heat Pumps

Lately we have been talking a lot about Cold Climate Heat Pumps ( CCHP ).  There are several manufacturers and we are not recommending one manufacturer over another, honestly it appears as though all of them are using the most up-to-date technology.  And, just for clarification we are talking about an "Air Source" heat pump.  That means the Heat Pump extracts heat from the air.  There are other types of heat pumps that extract heat from the earth.  We have been working with Air-Source Cold Climate Heat Pumps.  The theory is that an Air-Source heat pump is able to find and extract heat from the air all the way down to minus-18 degrees.  This morning was particularly cold ( -6 ) in Shelburne with an afternoon high of about 8 degrees.  When it is this cold it is really difficult to consider Air Conditioning in the summer but don't forget that every Heat Pump is also your Air Conditioner.

Today's photograph is typical of what the outside compressor will look like.

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