Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Yesterday we introduced you to the HRV the air-handler that’s usually in the basement. The HRV exhausts inside stale air and replaces it with fresh air from outside.  The magic takes place in the Heat Recovery portion of the air handler.  Inside the HRV unit is the heat is extracted from the inside stale air and used to heat up the cold air from outside.

A good HRV is a balanced ventilation system where it uses the heat from outgoing stale air to warm up the incoming fresh air.  Many HRV units are upwards of 85% efficient making the HRV a valuable tool and far better than opening the window.  Obviously there are numerous manufacturers with all kinds of claims.

With a new home from Vermont Modular each room will be equipped with the necessary air duct work for onsite completion.  Typically the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry all have an exhaust whereas the living areas such as bedrooms and the living room will have fresh-air returns.  Most of the duct work is installed and stubbed through to the basement.

We do not include the actual “air-handling unit” but prefer to have the homeowner purchase that onsite from a local HVAC contractor.  This way if repairs are ever needed it is far easier for everyone.

In the same vain, we suggest that heating plants, usually the boiler be purchased from a local heating contractor.  In both cases that local contractor has the specific knowledge to deal with your unit, he sold it to you, and if parts are necessary the local contractor is more apt to have them in stock for a quick repair.

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