Home Decor On a Budget

Home Decor On a Budget

This one goes out to anyone who is thinking of getting a new home, or have recently gotten a home, or feel like spring cleaning (it is spring after all).  When you think new, usually the second line of thought is expensive.  Let's break it down into a few scenarios.  

  1. You are thinking about purchasing a new house soon or are purchasing a new home
    1. You are trying to pinch every penny to make sure the house you want is delivered
    2. You can't afford to make expensive purchases, because things like landscaping, interior paint, furnishings, etc are costly.
    3. You are purchasing a house unfinished with the intention of finishing off the house after it's delivered.

What this really boils down to is quite simple, money.  I personally have to watch my money, and I'm not even buying a house.  So for someone who is purchasing a house, money can be a stressful topic.  Well let me help you stress just a little bit less with some budget ideas for home decor.

  • Often overlooked, but very simple to do is reuse what you already have.  The thought of "I have a new house, so I need new things" is very common, and honestly, if you can afford to do it, it's a very rewarding feeling.  For those that can't afford to do it, all hope is not lost because you can reuse what you already have in a way that doesn't look like recycling.  
    • For example:
      • Hanging plates on the walls
      • Printing out abstract art designs you find on the internet and framing it
      • Taking that old broken tea pot and turning it into a flower pot on the mantle
    • Be Creative!
  • ​Another item which is overlooked, but can fill up a room and is relatively inexpensive to do is the use of wicker furniture to lighten up the room and give a very free spirited feel to any room.  No, I am not suggesting your dining room table is a wicker table (unless that's really your thing), but don't be afraid to try some things out.  You could be pleasantly surprised at how well it brightens the room.
  • Scavenge!  Yes I know, the very first thought might not be pleasant, but see past the stigma of the word for a moment.  Walk along the beach, picking up pretty shells and stones.  You can place them on top of sand you also get at the beach inside a glass vase, and you have the beach at home.  It looks nice at the beach, why wouldn't it look nice in your home too?  Others might enjoy walking in nature and gathering pieces of wood, bird feathers, or other interesting pieces and placing them on display.  Not only is it free, it also is a great way to spend the afternoon.
  • If you really want to be creative, you can make a faux headboard for your bed (also referred to as "trompe l’oeil headboard").  It's quick and simple, and shouldn't cost much more than $20 - $30 total to do.  Start by taking blue masking tape and square out the headboard on the wall where your bed will be.  Paint inside the blue box you've made, usually two coats of a high gloss solid color.  Once you have your solid color, you can do anything you want inside, including leaving it just the solid color.  But, you can wait for it to dry and place more tape to paint accent lines, or could purchase stencils to create a nice boarder design.  For sizes, on a queen size bed, it will be about 52 inches from the floor, and about 4 inches wider than the mattress.

Creativity doesn't have to break the bank, and you can have a stunning new look.

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