Imagine: A Movie of the Mind

Imagine: A Movie of the Mind

Let's take a little trip into the imagination, and for a moment let go of all the worries of the world.  I understand most people honestly don't have time for this, so I'll preface this with:  Come back later and read this again when you can devote a few minutes to your creativity and imagination.  

Still with me?  Great!  Okay, so imagine for a minute that you just got your favorite movie on Blu-Ray, DVD, or maybe even streaming it on one of the popular movie streaming services.  Great, movie selected, let's begin.  Is it an action movie?  Is it an adventure movie?  Maybe it's a romance, or a moving drama; whatever you selected, make it your own.  Immerse yourself in the world you are creating right here and now.  Can you picture yourself sitting on the couch, in front of your TV, getting ready to watch this movie?

Hit play, and feel the warmth in your stomach as the anticipation grows for this movie you're about to start watching.  The waiting in over, and the movie is starting.  Dim the lights in the room, set the ambiance so you can really get into the movie.  Maybe a faint smell enters, something like warm bread on a midsummer morning.  Distraction moves you past the movie for a moment.  Concentrate on the smell.  The warm bread, maybe even dinner rolls, invites you to wander toward the kitchen.  What do you see around you?  Run your fingers across the surface of the counter; can you feel the smooth sensation brush across your fingertips and send a small chill up your arm?  What color is the countertop?  Maybe an Earthy green, or a slate color, or any color your imagination wants it to be.  Embrace it, let it be yours.  Look around, is it well lit or are the lights off?  Do the cabinets have a rustic look or a more modern look?  Can you see the color of the cabinets?  Do the appliances have a flat finish, or are they stainless steel?  Do they have a shine to them?

Take in everything in front of you for a moment.  Remember the faint smell of bread, take in the colors and textures around you, and embrace the thought of standing in the kitchen.  Make it your own, and truly embrace the moment.

You have the smells, you have the colors, you even have the textures to go along with this figment of your imagination.  So I'd pose a challenge to you, which is really quite simple:  If this is just a dream, a figment of your imagination, what is stopping you from making this dream a reality?  The movie is over, and I think it's time to hit play again.

Please reach out and contact us, we can make this dream a reality.  Isn't it about time you start living your dreams?

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