Interior 01

Interior 01

I thought it might be nice to start a focus on the interior of a home from Vermont Modular.

Probably the most significant aspect of each and every home is 100% Custom Built.  It is not any more difficult to build things exactly the way you want.  Let's face it, building a new home can be quite the adventure and requires a lot of energy and effort.  Everything that is such a big project is difficult and demands that you invest a lot of yourself in the project.  However at the end, your new home will be exactly the way you want, right down to the tiniest detail.  

Take a long look at today's photograph.  Within this picture there are many completely custom features:

  1. Sink - the homeowner went online and found the exact sink she wanted, sent us the model number and we installed it.  Honestly, this sink is really unique and fits perfectly into this kitchen.
  2. Faucet - the kitchen sink faucet is a single lever fixture and the pull-out-spray is up inside the neck of the faucet and then all done in brushed nickel.  How cool is that!  Beautiful.
  3. Counter Top - this is a special order finish from WilsonArt in their High Definition line.  Take a look at the custom bevel edge to the counter top and finally the squared off backsplash.
  4. Cabinetry - the kitchen sink cabinet doors use a piano hinge so the everything opens up; remember this is a corner sink configuration requiring all sorts of special touches.
  5. Windows - wrapping around the majority of the kitchen are lots of windows to take advantage of a spectacular view.

There's five Custom things all in one simple picture.  

Needless to say throughout the remainder of this Custom Built home there are many more features that set this home apart from everything else.

Tomorrow is delivery day, everyone is excited.  It is lots of fun to deliver a home and help fulfill a dream.  

We would love to talk with you about your dream, call us.

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