Interior 02

Interior 02

Here we are again on the inside of a new home and the point today is to demonstrate exactly how custom built a home can be.

We would like to point out some of the several things in today's photograph that represent 100% Customization.  First let's clear up one small thing; our homeowner hasn't forgotten to clean the windows, this picture was taken in the factory just prior to shipment.  So, the "stickers" all over the windows clearly explain their brand, designated area of the country for use, energy efficiency, date of manufacture, and a lot of other information.  Just exactly like that annoying tag on your new pillow, these are not to be removed except by the homeowner.  Isn't it annoying how years after we buy a pillow that label is still there.

Let's get back to the customized features that you can see in today's photograph:

  1. Today's picture clearly shows how thick the exterior wall is, you are looking at 10" of insulation to keep the cold out.  As an added feature, look how huge the window sills are!
  2. You can see a total of five windows in this kitchen however there are a total of seven windows adjacent to the kitchen sink.  Obviously, this house has a spectacular view and the owner wants to take advantage of that view.  The whole idea is almost lost without actually being able to see the view.  Use your imagination it is beautiful!
  3. Above the windows we have installed a shelf.  This shelf exactly matches the kitchen's cabinetry and will become home to all sorts of decorative items that everyone will enjoy.  This is a very clever idea!
  4. In the ceiling you can see recessed can lights that are going to be LED "bulbs" to save energy
  5. The WilsonArt counter top is partially visible, a special order High Definition counter top
  6. The brushed nickel kitchen faucet with its single lever is custom ordered

There are six unique Custom features in one single photograph.  Throughout the home there are dozens of other Custom Features that make this house a Very-Special-Home for a very special homeowner.

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