Lots of COLD

The cold across Vermont and most of the eastern half of the nation continues and actually is getting worse.  The prediction for tonight here in Shelburne is -14.  That's right fourteen degrees below zero.  I'm already nervous about the car starting tomorrow morning as are many others.  Did you know that a Cold Climate Heat Pump ( CCHP ) works flawlessly in this severe cold?  Heat Pumps are the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to heat your new home and are relatively new to residential housing here in the northern portions of North America.  Heat Pumps have been widely used in commercial spaces and are very common but only recently in the residential world.  Vermont Modular Homes recommends Heat Pumps for their energy efficiency, low operating cost, and environmental friendliness.  Yes, we can install a CCHP in your new home; call us today.  Stay warm!

No one has yet identified the location for the photograph.  Do you know where it was taken?

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