Rain, Rain, Welcome Back!

Rain, Rain, Welcome Back!

Good morning everyone, and welcome to a rainy Monday morning!  The excitement is overwhelming, to the point of unbearable.  Okay, so it might not be that exciting, but if you look past the surface (it's raining), there really is something great to point out about this wonderful process.  Remember a few weeks ago, I was talking about landscaping?  

"Spring is the season for cheerfulness and warm-heartedness. These qualities should be reflected in the surroundings as well. Professional landscaping is one of the best ways you can prepare for its arrival and its stay. In addition to adding curb appeal, it can help to add more enjoyment to the home. Furthermore, it adds value to the property, which would be an asset for future appraisals."

Honestly, without the rain, which yes is wet and not so pleasant, you can't grow all the wild plants, flowers, and gardens that you long to have.  Your curb appeal would be less than desirable with a dirt front yard.  Your home would be very warm all the time, because that tree that causes shade wouldn't be around.  So next time you step in a puddle and certain expletives come to mind, remember, we need the rain.

So how exactly does this impact your home at Vermont Modular Homes?  Well, as you are probably aware, modular homes are built in a factory.  Since the factory is inside, any home built as a modular home will not see a drop of rain.  Let's face it, module home manufacturers in New England have long since figured out it's going to rain (or snow, or...) and a modular home seems only logical  Removed from the elements, you don't end up with "Little Timmy's bedroom had water in it three times before a roof was built."  I think we can all admit that's just better, right?

So remember, while it's raining, it's a good thing.  The plants are growing, and Little Timmy has a dry bedroom.  What more could we ask for?

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