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"Sensing" Spring

When it comes to your new home, planning for spring should be like going from drab to fab. Just think, the previous fall the entire landscape was mud because the house was being built. Now, it is springtime, and you have the opportunity to transform it into a breathtaking masterpiece that could become the envy of the neighborhood. With the right landscaping ideas, advice and designs, you can look forward to springtime and all that comes with it - natural beauty, calmness and serenity, accompanied by the fragrance of sweet-smelling roses and flowering plants. 

Since your home is one of the greatest investments you may ever make, much thought should go into its overall improvement, as well as beautifying it. For instance, focusing on a theme like the five senses will invoke tangible ideas and designs you can see, taste, touch, smell and hear. The ideas and concepts chosen should serve to make you one with nature and your immediate environment.

The Sense of Sight
It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but it is hard to not see beauty in a yard of luscious, well-manicured green grass, bursting forth with freshly budding plants. Add this to the right arrangement of outdoor decorating concepts like artful walkways, winding paths and bold colors; you are well on the way to welcoming spring. Seeing nature should give a greater appreciation for the season.

The Sense of Taste
A special area designated just for fruit trees is a perfect garden concept for your new home. It may contain fruit trees that are seasonal or year-round because anytime is a good time to enjoy delicious fruit. The trees should be planted in such a way that they do not detract from the rest of the outside. Most people like their fruit trees in the backyard, which is perfect for those backyard barbecue times. Speaking of barbecue, a pit in a specially-designed, landscaped area of the backyard is another contributor for taste.

The Sense of Touch
The ability to view and touch certain trees in bloom, surrounded by freshly cut green grass is therapeutic. It is a great way to bring peace, tranquility and relaxation to the human mind. Including this theme in your spring planning can also help to inspire creative ideas for other home tasks.

The Sense of Smell
A wonderful way to become one with nature is to be able to breathe in deeply the fresh aroma of flowering plants and shrubberies. So, when planning for spring, it would be nice to focus on plants that are, not just attractive, but also aromatic. Certain scents help to calm the mind, so this is a good way to encourage calmness. Some plants may include night jasmine, roses and others recommended by a professional gardener. In addition to great-smelling plants being a part of the home improvement process, it can also inspire and improve your mind. 

The Sense of Hearing
There is nothing more relaxing and inviting than to hear the chirping of birds in the early spring mornings. Hanging a bird cage in a protected area as a part of the improvement process could be very enchanting. Another idea for sound is to hang chimes in a location where they can move with the breeze and make beautiful music. 

There are other themes from which you can select for your spring planning. For instance, choose themes surrounding the natural elements such as the sunset. This can be done by focusing on certain colors to depict different shades of sun-setting, such as orange and yellow. The ocean is another theme whereby objects of marine life will be featured. The sky as a theme could show a display of atmospheric designs like the warm sun and gentle breeze. The designs can be reflected in the landscaping near the driveway, sidewalks or specially designed areas. 

Some of the specially designed areas could be in the form of gardens, with each one focusing on a different theme. This is a good way to add variety, beauty and tastefulness at the same time. These areas may contain grass, mulch or both. The important thing is to remember that spring planning should include a colorful array of designs. They should be arranged in such a way that a person can easily identify with the essence of springtime.

Spring is the season for cheerfulness and warm-heartedness. These qualities should be reflected in the surroundings as well. Professional landscaping is one of the best ways you can prepare for its arrival and its stay. In addition to adding curb appeal, it can help to add more enjoyment to the home. Furthermore, it adds value to the property, which would be an asset for future appraisals.

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