Snow in the attic

Snow in your attic

This winter has been uniquely severe as we all know.  Here in northern New England the severe cold, constant snow, and howling wind have taken a significant toll on all of us.  Our wallet has felt the crunch of winter this year and Vermont Modular has repeatedly talked about properly insulating your home.  Today we want to draw your attention to a unique phenomenon of having snow in your attic.  How is that possible?  During times of severe cold and high wind the snow will fly around and drift.  Unfortunately some times the snow will be  inadvertently blow up the roof into the ridge vent where it then drops inside the attic where it is not supposed to be.  The snow once it is in your attic will simply sit there until the temperature warms enough to melt the snow whereupon it may appear as though your roof is leaking.  Actually, your roof is just fine.  The culprit is a combination of several  seemingly unrelated things.  First it must be bitterly cold.  Second, there needs to be high winds.  And, finally loose snow that blows around easily.  Wet heavy snow simply plops and sits, it is too heavy to drift.  Let's face it, we are all ready for spring and summer.

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