Spring Coming

Spring is Coming... Right?

Okay, so March 20th is the day.  We have been holding our breath in anticipation, and it's right there teasing us.  Why can't mother nature surrender this death grip on cold weather and lend to a more inviting and pleasant spring time we all long for?  Well honestly, it's simple:  Mother nature has a way of teasing us, and we will get what we will get, regardless of liking it or not.  Alas, we are doomed to coldness, gloomy skies, and darkness.  Wait...  Hold the train just a minute!

It's still light out at 5:30pm, whereas just a little while ago, it was dark at 4pm.  Progress, right?  Well I refuse to step back into the darkness, instead looking forward to spring time flowers, green grass, birds singing, squirrels stealing the flower bulbs (you know it's going to happen), and a breath of fresh air.  We already saw a few days of 50 degrees, and honestly, I drove home from the office with the moonroof open and (yes, it's true) my front windows open.  It's amazing, you turn on the seat warmer, and it's quite comfortable and refreshing.

So to remind us all that spring will actually get here, I want to leave you with this beautiful picture.  Hope is not a plan, but it lends to some very nice dreams.  Have a wonderful day!

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