Window technology

Window technology

This afternoon Blaine and I are scheduled to have a conference with the inventor and patent holder of an all new type of window.  We want to share with you our first introduction to a whole new level of Energy Conservation technology.

As you know Vermont Modular Homes is proud that we build the most energy efficient home in Vermont and today we are about to learn more.

As many of you may know there are types of 100% clear glass that generate electricity by focusing the power of the sun on the perimeter of the window.

Today we will learn about a new type of glass that has been unavailable up until now.  This type of glass not only stops Heat Loss but it can actually generate Radiant Heat to be used elsewhere in the home.  The two of us are excited to learn new advances in technology that can contribute to more efficient homes.

After our conference we will post again and let you in on new science.

Vermont Modular continues to search for the most modern and most technologically advanced building techniques.  

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