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Winterizing – Clean Clothes

Today is Saturday and according to the old song we aren’t supposed to be doing laundry until Monday but what the heck, that was then and this is now.  We can do laundry whenever – right?  How does laundry have anything to do with winterizing your home? 

Actually it is the Clothes Dryer that we are going to look at today.

Today’s typical dryer isn’t exactly a technologically advanced piece of machinery.  It spins wet clothes around and around, blows hot air through the clothes, and the hot air which now contains all the moisture is blown outside through the dryer vent.  Let’s see spin plus blowing plus heat and it’s a dryer.  Yes, dryers are a wonderful invention and save us many hours of monotonous labor.  Way back when clothes were hung out on the clothes line to dry, no one had a dryer!

The clothes dryer works terrific as long as it is running but, when it is turned off there is a huge gaping hole in the side of your house called “The Dryer Vent.”  Go outside and look, it is where those tiny plastic flap things, that’s where the hot damp air is blown outside.  But, when the dryer is turned off that same vent becomes a HUGE source of Cold Air Penetration.  Once the Cold Air enters your home the Chimney Effect has begun and you are now in the midst of losing heat. 

During the summer many of us run an air conditioner to stay comfortable.  One of the main things an AC unit does is remove humidity from the air.  Remember July when it is 90 degrees out and the humidity is also 90.  Yikes, that is a hot day but the AC extracts the moisture, drying out the air, and we are comfortable.

Very recently Clothes Dryers are being manufactured using Heat Pumps to extract the moisture from damp clothes.  By the way, a Heat Pump is an AC unit.

So, if you have a modern clothes dryer that works using a Heat Pump your dryer is Ventless.  If the dryer vent is no longer there then you have eliminated yet another source of Cold Air Penetration.

This is the only solution that will cost you money.  However, if you are in the market for a new clothes dryer we strongly suggest you investigate Ventless Dryers.  They are the first and only dryer to be energy efficient.  Ventless Clothes Dryers are eligible for Energy Rebates; that’s how good they are.

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