Foam Kit

Winterizing – Cure

Over the weekend I was wandering around one of the big box stores and stumbled across a Foam Kit that is designed for people to use at home.

Several times we have talked about the preverbal "can of spray foam and how good it is at sealing up cracks and crevices to stop Cold Air Penetration.  Well, I found something even better but only if you need to foam larger surfaces.  Let’s face, there’s no need to use a huge thing when a smaller one will work just as well. 

For those times when you need to cover larger areas these foam kits just might be exactly what you are looking for.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions and their claim, the one kit will cover one inch thick an area of 200 square feet.  Granted, that is not a huge area but it is much more than the small cans of foam and far more versatile.  The cans of foam are designed to fill a specific hole or larger opening.  The Foam Kit is designed to spray over larger surfaces and seal everything.

With the foam a coating of 1” thick will seal out the Cold Air Penetration.  The one-inch thick foam will not give you a great R-Value; that will need to be addressed with a more conventional type of insulation.  Sealing out the cold air is the biggest step in the right direction.

I’m positive that virtually all the big stores and most lumber yards all carry the same type of product.  In the kit there are two tanks and two hoses that connect at the spray gun.  As the two mix they create foam just like magic.

Follow up – how many of you squeezed in the time over this past weekend to fill in the hole under the bathtub?  Let us know, this is an interactive conversation that deals with Energy Efficiency and Winterizing your home.

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