Winterizing – Foam

Winterizing – Foam

We have been thinking that many of you will choose to hire a professional builder and/or remodeler to make the improvements you choose to be necessary in your home.

Think of when the carpenter pulls up in their truck carrying various tools.  Those tools can run from air powered tools, to wrenches and a bunch of things in between.  I tried to think of a tool that started with a Z but couldn’t.  Sorry, I digress away from our topic.

Probably one of the most effective, easy, and cheapest tools is spray foam.  Think back over the past couple weeks where we have talked about Cold Air Penetration, air Path, and The Chimney Effect; probably the quickest and BEST ways to stop air flow is to completely seal off the opening.  Nothing does that better than Spray Foam.

So, when you are hiring a professional builder be sure to ask, “….do you incorporate Spray Foam in your renovations?”  If the answer is “…no,” then you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

Tiny holes, crevices, cracks, openings large and small, all can be completely shut tight using spray foam.  Not only does foam do a fantastic job, it is very easy to use; and for the type of work you are considering, it is relatively cheap.

Throughout our Winterizing Series we have consistently gone back to the idea of accomplishing a lot with minimal effort and should be inexpensive. 

Replacing all your windows will improve things for sure, but it is very expensive and the benefit is not that significant.  The thousands and thousands of dollars you might spend for new windows will take you many years before you recover your expenditure.  Twenty bucks in spray foam will make a significant difference this coming winter.

Good luck.  Let us know what you have done and what works best for you; with your permission we will share your thoughts and ideas.  

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