Winterizing – Heat Recovery Ventilation

Winterizing – Heat Recovery Ventilation

To all of our faithful readers, we know you have done diligence and therefore as we march ahead into winter our hypothetical home is all prepared for the onslaught of cold, howling winds, and all the winter nastiness; the Cold Air Penetration has been virtually stopped and we have severely restricted the Path of warm air upward.  We have done all that we can to prevent Heat Loss.

The only remaining piece of the puzzle is to provide a supply of fresh air, control the humidity inside the home, and not lose heat in the process.  Now it is time to meet and understand the Heat Recovery Ventilator, or HRV.

In today’s photograph you see the actual HRV unit, a metal cabinet that is typically installed in the basement.  This is a fairly good size cabinet and will have a series of what looks like pipes coming in and going; actually they are air-ducts.  Half of the duct work is bringing air from inside the home and the second half is bringing in fresh air from outside.

Half of the ducts are connected to exhausts inside the house while the other half are connected to fresh air returns.

As the HRV exhausts stale air from inside passes through the Heat Recovery portion of the HRV, it meets the cold air from outside, they pass through the Heat Recovery portion of the HRV.  The cold air is warmed by the warm air from inside that is being pumped outside.  As the warm and cold air pass through the Heat Recovery part the precious heat is transferred to the cold fresh air from outside. 

The result is we have a continuous supply of fresh air from outside without losing expensive heat.  And just like magic your home is constantly supplied with fresh air while not losing heat.  Back when in Grandma’s house the home was built differently and there was a constant supply of Cold Air penetrating and heat escaping.  That provided fresh air but wasted energy, contaminated the environment, and wasted hard-earned money.

Today’s modern homes are built to be highly energy efficient.  The entire concept that “…a home needs to breathe…” has been debunked.  Today we are focusing on Energy Efficiency.  You and I breathe, houses do not!

In the rush to be energy efficient do not lose sight of providing a healthy living environment.

Tomorrow we will talk about exactly how Vermont Modular Homes addresses the concept of the Heat Recovery Ventilation  (HRV) system.

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