Winterizing – It’s COLD

Winterizing – It’s COLD

Last Saturday, the day after Christmas it was 70, an all-time record breaking temperature and then this morning it was 19 degrees, the car was covered with ice, and the weather forecast is calling for “…MODERATE TO HEAVY SNOW EARLY TUESDAY MORNING WITH SLEET AND FREEZING DRIZZLE CONTINUING TUESDAY AFTERNOON…”

Welcome to Vermont, if you don’t like the weather just wait a couple hours it will change.  However………….., from 70 to 19 and snow is just a couple days is crazy.

Aren’t you glad that you have stopped the Cold Air Penetration and restricted the Path of Heat Loss in your home!  You are in the midst of seeing the benefits of your hard work over the past couple months.

For the past couple months we have been having unusually warm temperatures but it now appears as though winter has arrived and it is cold. 

If you still need to work on your home it is never too late.  We highly recommend the best place to start is with the Cold Air Penetration that typically happens in the basement.  If you are down in the basement during the daytime and you can see day-light that is an obvious place for Cold Air Penetration, it needs to be foamed shut.  Also, don’t forget the huge hole underneath your tub/shower.  Close that off with a combination of foam and foam board.  And lastly, don’t neglect to close off the floor drain.

If you contemplate purchasing all brand new windows it will take you many years to recover your investment.  A couple cans of spray foam will accomplish a lot more for vastly less money.

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