Winterizing - New Door?

Winterizing - New Door?

For the past couple days we have been down in the basement looking around for the obvious; big sources of Cold Air Penetration.  As the cold air enters the house down in the basement it is warmed and rises.  That air movement is caused by temperature and pressure differentials. Eventually the air finds a spot to exit the building but by that time it is warm air and that air loss is more commonly called Heat Loss.  It is Heat Loss that we are trying to stop. 

Obviously, the less the Chimney Effect in your home the less heat you will lose.  All this is really simple science.

So far we have looked at the huge hole under the tub/shower as probably the biggest source of Cold Air Penetration in your home, then we looked at basement floor drains that allow all kinds of cold air to enter the building. 

Today with the help of Captain Obvious let’s look at The Basement Door.  It may sound silly but many homeowners fail to see the need for a good quality exterior door; perhaps the logic says that “…it’s only the basement door, what can come it?”  Captain Obvious tells us that a ton of cold air can come it and find its way up into the house starting the Chimney Effect.  If the doors leeks air, is left ajar, or is of poor quality then it becomes an enormous source of Cold Air Penetration.

The fix for today’s issue can be easy.  For starters, if people tend to leave the door open then the fix is obvious – close the door!  A more dramatic solution could involve the installation of a good quality exterior door.  If you are going to install a new door don’t use a wooden door, find a good steel or even better fiberglass exterior door that will seal off the doorway and last for years to come.  Take a look online and it is fairly easy to find a good exterior door for about $200.00, yes you can spend a lot more.

Don’t forget the goal is to eliminate or severely cut back on Cold Air Penetration

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