Winterizing – Recessed lighting fixtures

Winterizing – Recessed lighting fixtures

In yesterday’s blog post we showed you a picture of a beautiful kitchen with numerous recessed lighting fixtures.  We then went on to tell you why you should NOT use recessed lighting as it creates a huge hole in the ceiling that is almost never sealed shut.  That hole allows a big Path for heat to escape.

What we didn’t tell you yesterday is that the picture was taken in a brand new home from Vermont Modular and all of the recessed can lights were using the most technologically advanced LED lighting fixtures.  These types of fixtures can be completely sealed shut and thoroughly insulated as they are so much smaller and thinner.  And all LED lights create a fraction of the heat from typical incandescent light bulbs.

SOLUTION - For those of you that have the old style recessed can lights we have a cheap and very effective solution. 

At one point or another we have all bought a foam cooler, not a good one but rather on that is typically CHEAP, we are talking two-bucks or less cheap cooler.  We are talking about the one that normally only lasts one trip to the beach.  Take this cooler, go up in the attic, and place it upside down on top of the recessed can fixture.  Then with you can of foam seal it shut.  Problem solved for almost nothing.

Don’t forget we are trying to solve a lot with minimal effort and minimal cost.  This is one of the easiest solutions that works great with almost no money being spent.  

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