Winterizing - Second Big Deal

Winterizing - Second Big Deal

Yesterday we talked about a huge hole in the building envelope of your home caused by the Tub/Shower drain pipes.  Yesterday’s blog post took you down in the basement and today we are going there again.  It seems as though most basements have a drain, something just like today’s photograph.

The basement floor drain is almost always installed just in case water is in the basement.  The normal villain is the washing machine.  The theory goes this way, one of the hoses breaks and the basement floods.  What would we do without a basement drain?  The same can be said about the hot water heater that is also in the basement.  What would we do without a basement drain?

Well, the truth is that the washing machine and the hot water heater seldom cause a flood in the basement.  Webbed Stainless steel hoses have virtually eliminated the washing machine threat.

The more accurate question might be – “What should we do with the basement drain that never gets used?”

Please understand that most of these floor drains go outside and run around until they eventually see daylight which is where the water in the basement drains out.  Since there is almost never a flood in the basement the drain then becomes a huge hole in the building envelope for cold air to enter the home.  That cold air starts the Chimney Effect and robs your home of heat driving your energy costs upward.  So, the seemingly innocent floor drain becomes a significant part of poor energy efficiency.

The solution is simple.  Cover the drain with something that will prevent Cold Air Penetration.  A piece of rigid foam held in place will do a great job.  And another problem is solved for virtually no money and a tiny amount of time.

It may seem insignificant but the solution to solving The Chimney Effect in your home is to stop the Cold Air Penetration.  Most TV pundits want you to add insulation in the attic; we are suggesting that a far greater benefit can be had by closing off the Cold Air Penetration in the basement.

The whole point of this series is to accomplish a lot with minimal cost.  We think that equates to greater value.

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