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Winterizing - Space Heaters

Today’s post is about creating heat within your home.  Many of us use space heaters somewhere in our homes.  These are typically gas (natural or propane) fired heaters that are asked to create heat in a specific spot within our home.  Lots of times this includes an addition, a porch that is closed in, a bedroom that is typically chilly, or lots of places.

There are several brands and manufacturers of space heaters and I’m sure most of you are familiar with these heaters.  The vast majority of the time they work well, provide necessary heat and are relatively efficient.  Many of Vermont’s older homes were heated with the huge monster in the basement that consumed enormous amounts of gas, oil, or coal.  Most of these have been replace or updated with more modern sources of heat one of which is the Gas Fired Space Heater.

Occasionally people will install an Un-Vented space heater and the logic is that now transfers 100% of the heat into the home.  That may be true but it also does not exhaust the fumes outside.  These un-vented heaters can be very dangerous and even life threatening.

We strongly advise that should you have an un-vented heater burning gas, kerosene, or oil; get rid of it immediately!  In the exhaust is CO2, odorless and colorless, that can and does kill.  The tighter your home the more you need to get rid of these dangerous heating appliances. 

We have been talking about Cold Air Penetration and Heat Loss.  The better you do your job the worse an Un-Vented heater is.

Get rid of them!

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