Winterizing – Top of the foundation

Winterizing – Top of the foundation

Staying with the concept of The Chimney Effect and Cold Air Penetration, today we will look at a huge problem that is almost always overlooked.

When a home is built it rests on top of the foundation and 100% of the time there is an air gap between the house and the foundation at one point or another.  On one side of this gap is the bitter cold air (more dense air) and on the other side is the relatively warm air of the basement.

Previously we have talked about the largest gaping hole the tub/shower, then the Never Used Floor Drain, open windows, open doors, and today we look at what appears to be a small open crack between the house and the foundation.  Don’t forget that if left open this crack and become huge as it runs around the entire perimeter of the house.  That crack has just become an enormous source of Cold Air Penetration which we now know is the first step in creating The Chimney Effect that will rob your home of expensive heat. 

Take a good look at today’s picture, the bright light is the sunshine outside, the camera is inside down in the basement looking outward through the crack that will allow all kinds of Cold Air to Penetrate.

The solution is easy yet often overlooked.  Many times no effort is exerted to fix this problem.  Solution ~ if you look at the picture you can see the concrete of the foundation and look carefully at the top of the picture that is the first floor.  All of that needs to be sprayed with closed cell spray foam so that no can enter.  Please do not spray only those areas where you can see daylight.  The entire top of the foundation needs to be sprayed with foam so that everything is sealed shut.  Without spending a lot of money you will make a huge impact on the energy efficiency of your home.

Yes, this will dramatically cut down on The Chimney Effect.

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