Winterizing – Ventilation 101

Winterizing – Ventilation 101

Yesterday we started a conversation about how if you have done a great job of Winterizing your home by blocking Cold Air Penetration and reducing Heat Loss you will have effectively created another problem – stagnant air.

Think about it, without fresh air the inside your house will become more and more stagnant, filled with cooking smoke, bathroom odors, bathroom moisture, dog and cat odors, and on and on and on!  If this sounds nasty to you it actually is fairly awful. 

The real enemy in all this is moisture from dozens of sources.  The obvious ones are the bathroom shower, cooking/boiling water, and laundry.  There are many other sources of excess moisture in the air but those are the major ones.  Don’t forget that all of us simply by breathing exhale huge amounts of moisture into the air.

All that moisture and stagnant air can cause problems in the form of mold and mildew.  Mold and mildew can and do grow in dark areas where there is sufficient moisture.  We could go on and on about all the harmful effects of mold but that is a huge topic all by itself.  For the moment we need to know that mold is unhealthy for all of us but particularly young children and the elderly.  Both of those age groups are susceptible to lung infections and complications, none of which are good.

So, do we have your attention?  Are you significantly alarmed about the harm that can come from having too much moisture in your home?

Did you also know that moisture can get into insulation and cause it to significantly lose its insulating characteristics?  Both fiberglass and cellulose can collect moisture and that reduces its R-Value which starts to reduce all of the hard work you have done to improve your home’s Energy Efficiency.  Our point is that too much moisture in your home can cause all kinds of problems.

Years ago in Grandma’s house the curtains would flap as they hung by the windows because so much air leaked in from outside, there was all kinds of fresh air and the moisture had a chance to escape.  Back in Grandma’s house mold was almost never a problem because moisture had an easy way to evaporate and escape.

In today’s newer homes the HRV can solve your problems; don’t worry – we have a solution

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