Winterizing - The water pipe

Winterizing - The water pipe

Today’s blog post is for everyone to think about, not just those of you that live in “the country” with a drilled well.

Every home has its own source of potable water whether it comes from a drilled well, municipal/town water, a spring, or some other source perhaps provided by magic.  Regardless, at some point the main water line has got to go through the foundation into the basement.  For those of you out in the country that spot is very near the Blue tank.  For those of you with town water that spot is right next to the water meter.  For those of you with magic water it doesn’t matter because you are delusional but having fun.

As the main water line enters the basement the water pipe (either black plastic or iron or galvanized) goes through a sleeve that always larger than the water pipe.  And yet again Captain Obvious has discovered one more source of Cold Air Penetration.

We joke but seriously, Captain Obvious is good at pointing out those seemingly insignificant sources of Cold Air.  Honestly none of them are all that important (except for the Tub/Shower, that’s just huge) but when we combine all these relatively small sources of Cold Air Penetration it adds up very quickly and had an enormous impact on your home!  I’m thinking we should say thanks to our observant Captain Obvious.

The quick, easy, and cheap solution to plugging up the water pipe’s Cold Air is a quick squirt of spray foam that will quickly seal off one more source of cold air.  We are trying to accomplish a lot with minimal effort and very little money.

The trick is to stop the Cold Air Penetration.  If we do that the amount of Dense Air will be greatly reduced and the dense air will not be able to force the heat out of your home.

When we started this series we mentioned that you should put the caulk that goes around the windows away.  Yes, it will help but the impact is insignificant.  With a couple cans of spray foam, a sheet or two of rigid foam, and a very few hours of your time the impact will be huge.  The Chimney Effect won’t happen if you stop it from starting.

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