Winterizing your home

Winterizing your home

The fall leaves are beautiful, the weather is spectacular, Vermont is crazy beautiful at this time of year, and around the corner is winter.  Winter is that time of year when we snuggle under the covers and are glad to be home.  Of course it is also the time of year to get out and enjoy the grandeur that comes along with winter.

Over the next ensuing days and weeks we will be talking about what works and what does not work to winterize your home.

We will go out of our way to shed light on stereotypes and myths.  We will be looking at caulk, weatherstripping, new windows, insulation, fiberglass, foam, air pressures, temperature differentials, heating types, moisture control, egad there is a lot to look at and we will do our best to look at everything.  

Throughout this series we will be looking at value and sensibility, what works effectively without breaking the bank, and trying to provide functional advice that is both rational and clever.  Remember, we are not trying to sell you anything; we don't sell insulation, windows, furnaces, and so on.  

Stay with us and tell your friends to tune in for what we hope will be an informative conversation.  PLEASE, we strongly encourage you to write back and share your thoughts.  A conversation typically requires more than one person.

Our goal is that all of you sleep as well and comfortably as today's beautiful baby.

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