And the cold air continues.

What’s the big deal with Cold Air Penetration?  Let’s face it most smart people shut, block, close off, and seal off most of the cold air from coming in.  It’s not as though we leave the front door open.  Remember when your mother would say, “….shut the door!  Are you trying to heat outdoors?” 

The big deal is that when the cold air enters it will eventually be forced out of the building and as it leaves it drags heat along with it.  That is known as Heat Loss and Heat Loss is what we are trying to eliminate.  Honestly, none of us will ever completely eliminate Heat Loss so the trick is to cut it to the bare bones minimum.  Reducing Heat Loss will save you money and protect the environment.

It is now the end of October and yes it is time for you to start making your home ready for winter.

Last spring you probably went down in the basement and opened the available windows for summer ventilation.  By the way, that is something you should do every spring, it allows fresh air in the basement and helps with ventilation.  Well, sad to say the summer is probably over and the moment has come for you to close the windows for the winter.

If your basement windows are new then you are probably all set but, if your windows are a tad older you might want to seal them up so the Cold Air does not Penetrate around the window.  Do you want your cat to get cold?

All this may sound mildly stupid to some but to others it is a gentle hint and reminder.  We have visited homes in January / February only to see that basement windows are still wide-open from the summer.  Don’t do that folks!  This is the time to close them!

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