And yet even more work on the garage.

Yesterday we looked at the Garage as siding was being installed; that was on the other side of today’s photograph.

On the left you are looking at The Gable End of the modular home.  As you can see some of the Cedar Siding has been installed with more to come.  Look carefully at the picture and you will see that there is strapping on the outside of the sheathing; this holds the siding away from the building; this is the right way to install wood siding.

Then look carefully and in-between the house (on the left) and the garage (on the right) you see that the men are building a Mud Room / Entry.

Many times some structures such as the garage are built onsite rather than in the plant.  Typically it is very small parts such as the mudroom or non-finished parts such as the garage.  We are able to do these onsite and provide the homeowner a better cost.

Meanwhile the modular home is virtually all finished and waiting for the onsite work to be done.

Tomorrow we will show you a photograph of this home all 100% finished.  You will be impressed as it is one of our more stunning homes.

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