Annnnnnd, the porch is done.

Take a look at yesterday’s photograph, it shows the porch almost done.  In today’s picture the porch trim, ceiling, soffit, and fascia are all completed.

The Fascia is that piece of material, in this case aluminum that provides an attractive finish vertical edge.  The Fascia is used all the way around the house and provides a uniform appearance.  Look carefully and you will see that the Fascia slides up behind what looks like a black piece of metal.  That black piece is The Drip Edge.  Drip Edge goes back under the roof’s shingles and extends downward on the Fascia so that water cannot get in behind the Fascia.  The Drip Edge channels the water away and although it is small it does a significant job and is important!

Also attached to the porch is the Soffit, it runs horizontally whereas the Fascia is Vertical.  Look carefully at today’s soffit, it’s white and seems to have a zillion holes.  Yes, the picture is accurate the soffit does have all kind of holes, it is called Perforated Soffit and that is to allow air to enter and via convection it moves to the vent where it is released, this provides proper ventilation in the roof system.

All the way around you will see a “Tan Colored” piece of lumber.  This is a trim board using an artificial manufactured lumber.  This Trim does not serve a significant purpose other than to make the porch more attractive.  There are many different types of material that can be used for trim; we prefer the manufactured lumber as it is virtually impervious to Rot and Warping.  It is an example of where Faux Materials are superior. 

It appears as though the only thing left for the porch is a comfortable chair, preferably a rocking chair, and perhaps, just perhaps….., an adult traveling beverage to thoroughly enjoy the sun set.  Life can be just wonderful!

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