Another hole for cold air, in the floor.

On Monday we talked about the HUGE hole in the floor for the bathtub drain.  I’ll mention this a lot because virtually every house has this hole and none of them seem to get fixed.  Closing off the tub drain hole is an easy Saturday afternoon project that is cheap and will have a huge effect.  What are you doing this weekend?

While you are down in the basement I want you to look around and see if your basement floor has a drain as shown in today’s photograph.  There was a while when these drains were thought to be a good thing; that was then and this is now.  The concept of installing basement floor drains has fallen into disfavor; it is just not done anymore.

The idea was that it would allow water in the basement to have a way to get out. Sounds good but there are a couple problems with the idea:

  • Seldom does the basement “flood.”  So the need to get rid of water is not there!  Washing machine hoses are so much stronger and better.  Perimeter drains outside the foundation will keep your basement dry.  Honestly, a basement drain is not needed and it also is a good way for water to get into the basement.
  • The drain has got to go somewhere and typically it runs underground until it reaches the surface and supposedly the water is then free to drain away.  The spot where the pipe comes out is called, “….running to daylight.”  Sounds great, right?  Well, it the drain goes to daylight it then becomes a huge source of COLD Air Penetration.  Rather than water going out you end up with cold air coming in.

If you have one of these put your hand over the drain and I am fairly sure you will feel quite the draft of cold air.  If you don’t have one of these beauties then be happy!

SOLUTION:  Remember it has got to be cheap and make a big difference.  Cover the drain with something that will make an air tight seal and then put something on top of it for weight.  Egad, that is EASY, CHEAP, and will work great.  Think about a rubber stopper that grandma had in her tub; something like that.

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