Automation isn't just for the factory

Good afternoon on this beautiful sunny Saturday.  We really have been granted some really nice weather the last few days, and today doesn't appear to be the exception.  Alas, I didn't fire up the pen and paper to talk about the weather though; but I assure you the weather does play a key factor in what I want to talk with you about today.

Remember, one of the big reasons we have said building a modular home in a factory is better is the weather.  If it's raining, snowing, or just downright nasty outside, your home is still on schedule and will be built as you expect.  If that were a "stick built" home, unfortunately rain and other nasties of Mother Nature would slow down the process.  The factory provides an efficient approach to how each and every home gets built, so you end up with your finished product (a home) in as little time as humanly possible without such delays.

Another major advantage a factory has over a “stick built” home is the simple fact that they are able to streamline the process, leaving little room for delay between the beginnings and ending of your home production.  I could go into the science behind this, but the reality is the simple answer is efficiency through strict timelines, automation when possible, and proper workflow.  This efficiency allows for a home to be designed, built, and placed on a truck to head to your foundation with minimal errors; despite the fact that several homes can be in production at the same time.  How the factory keeps your home separated from another home, well, we can say it’s the gnomes working in the night to keep everything in order; or, some form of workflow automation that keeps everything together.

When they are building your home and a question comes up, the factory cannot afford to stop the entire production line to address that question.  So they continue to work on the process while simultaneously getting an answer to the question at hand.  Behold the power of multitasking!  Seriously though, it really is quite efficient, and the process of workflow automation has your home churned out with minimal delays.

Here at Vermont Modular, we believe the same should apply to how you interact with us.  If you have a question, it should not take days to get a response.  Granted, it doesn’t now, but I exaggerate to make my point.  I’ve been hard at work designing an interface which will allow for you or anyone else to ask common questions, and get responses immediately.  For the more tech savvy followers, you might have heard of “Chat Bots”.  For those that haven’t, it’s a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence which will answer questions and interact with you very similar to how you would communicate with anyone else through Facebook Messenger.  Through the process of having a natural conversation, you can seek out answers without the painful process of having to “press one for house styles, press two for portfolio items, press three to lose your mind”. 

It’s coming, and will be rolling out sometime this summer.  You may find that soon you will be interacting with our Virtual Attendant who will be very keen to help you in the process of building your new home.  As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions.  We will be sure to let you know when this new feature goes live, and are excited to let you try out this new feature first hand.  Have a wonderful day, and let the sun keep shining!

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