Autumn is around the corner; it’s almost foliage time.

Our series of winterizing your home will begin in a couple weeks.  In the meantime let’s look at those things around your home that need attention in the fall.

One of those jobs that work the best in the fall is taking care of your lawn.  Did you know that early fall is probably the best time of year to fertilize and seed your lawn?  The cooler temperatures and not quite as bright sunshine give young grass seeds a really good chance to do well.  Make sure you use the right kind of fertilizer by checking manufacturer’s recommendations. 

If you are considering installing SOD grass on your lawn this is again a great time of year for the exact same reasons as seed.  Remember if you are going to install Sod, it is roughly an inch and a half thick so when the sod is planted next to a driveway or the front walk you will need to dig down and make sure you’ve provided enough room for the sod.  Also, when you buy sod it needs to be planted quickly.  Sod is a perfect example of “use it or lose it!”

If you are working with a brand new lawn it might be a good time to consider adding quality Top-Soil.  Quality Top-Soil is the basis of a healthy and beautiful lawn.  Now is the right time of year to fix up your lawn and make the house look beautiful.

Regardless of what you do don’t forget to water frequently.  Grass seed and sod will both need frequent watering.  All the stories about Vermont being in the middle of a severe drought are very true.  Don’t go and do all kinds of work on your lawn only to have it die because you failed to water.  New plantings whether they are flowers, shrubbery, or lawns need to be frequently watered.

Think how much you will enjoy your new lawn next summer.

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