Autumn Is coming and winter will follow.

Let’s take a look at the various types of insulation that are available.  There are primarily four major types of insulation for you to consider:

  1. Foam – foam insulation comes either as a sprayed in product or as rigid sheets. 
    1. Pro – superior insulating capabilities and easy to use
    2. Con – expensive!  You will recall we try to focus on products and procedures that work well but are cheap; that cuts way back on the use of foam for us.
  2. Fiberglass – manufactured from molten glass.  This is the pink stuff that is all but the ubiquitous insulation.  It seems as though everyone uses fiberglass
    1. Pro – works well if properly installed.  Typically installation is done quickly and leaves much to be desired.  Fiberglass’s greatest / best feature is its cost, it is the least expensive type of insulation.
    2. Con – fiberglass leaves voids between the insulation and framing lumber causing all kinds of heat loss.  Many consider fiberglass to be the least effective form of insulation.
  3. Cellulose – cellulose is manufactured from used paper, usually newspaper that is treated to retard fire, mold, and rot. 
    1. Pro – environmentally a good product.  If cellulose was not saved for insulation it would end up in the garbage dump.  It is cheap and does a good job.  If used in attics or on a horizontal plane it works nicely
    2. Con – cellulose can and does settle that results in a reduction of the insulating capabilities.
  4. Mineral Wool – Rock wool is manufactured from molten lava rock or slag from steel mills then spun into batts or insulation boards.  Mineral wool is not a new product, it has been widely used in Canada and Europe for decades but only recently the US.
    1. Pro – higher R-Values, better insulating characteristics, terrific sound proofing, ease of installation, Vermont Modular prefers Mineral Wool!  We think it is well worth the slight increase in cost!
    2. Con – usually requires a special order although gaining in popularity.

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