Autumn is on the way but not today!

We have started a series about various types of insulation that are available in your new home.  Honestly, the entire topic seems a tad silly today as the temperature outside is currently 85 degrees with bright sunshine.  Today, September 20 is a beautiful summer day.  Today is a great day to go swimming or go have a BBQ in the back yard.  Oh well, back to insulation.

We recommend Rock Wool insulation in the exterior walls as it is a superior product.  Read our previous Blog about Rock Wool. 

In the attic or in the ceiling there are several products that are available.  Today I’m going to limit the discussion to two types.

  1. Cellulose – cellulose insulation is manufactured from used paper, mostly old news print that is headed to the Land Fill.  Rather than allowing the newsprint to become part of our huge garbage/trash problems, the paper is shredded, treated, and used as insulation.
    1. Pro – 1) cellulose is very environmentally friendly as it is 100% reclaimed. 2) Cellulose is an effective insulating material, it easily fills all the cracks and crevices.  3)  Cellulose is very inexpensive!
    2. Con – 1) Cellulose settles with time and as a result as it settles its insulating value declines.  2) Cellulose can absorb moisture.  3)  We do NOT recommend using cellulose in vertical walls because it does settle.
  2. Blown in Fiberglass – blown in fiberglass IS NOT the same product as Fiberglass Batts that are so very common.  Blown in fiberglass has all the benefits of Cellulose but honestly is a superior product.
    1. Pro – Blown in fiberglass acts the same as cellulose with two major improvemens
      1. This type of fiberglass does NOT SETTL.
      2. This type of fiberglass does NOT ABSORBE MOISTUE.
    2. Con – Blown in fiberglass 1)  costs more than cellulose and 2) it is a fully manufactured produce.

Our recommendation – we prefer the blown in fiberglass.

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